Fatigue – are there tests for fatigue

Facts about fatigue
  • There is no test specific for fatigue.
  • Undiagnosed medical problems are not a common cause of fatigue.
  • In some cases of fatigue further tests may be appropriate.

Fatigue is a symptom that can have many causes, and research into fatigue has shown that most of them are not related to a medical condition.
Your health professional will use information from your medical history and from any examinations they conduct to decide what further steps may need to be taken to help treat or manage your fatigue.

Medical tests may help identify a physical cause

There is no test specific for fatigue, only tests that may help identify a physical cause. The decision about whether to have a test and what type of test to have will depend on your individual situation.
Studies have shown that a medical explanation is found in only about 4% of people with fatigue who go on to have some form of testing. So, for every 100 people who are recommended for some form of test by their health professional to help find out why they are experiencing fatigue, a medical condition will be identified in only about four cases.
It is important to understand that medical tests are not always accurate in their diagnosis. Sometimes they pick up a problem when there isn’t one (this is called a false positive), and sometimes they can miss a diagnosis (this is called a false negative).
So you may want to discuss the pros and cons of medical tests with your health professional.
For further information: Health Navigator New Zealand.

It’s OK to ask questions
If you have questions about your symptoms or the medicines managing your symptoms, speak with your health professional.

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